Driving economic growth, sharing in prosperity


We are building a sustainable and prosperous future in sub-Saharan Africa. Many of our projects in emerging economies are helping to create the fundamentals, and accelerate the effects, of regional economic development. To achieve this, we work closely with government agencies, private-sector businesses and local entrepreneurs.

We especially value our strong relationship with the Angolan Government. Together, we are co-creating high-performance businesses whose benefits are helping the country transform its regional competitiveness.



Trafigura affiliate and leading midstream and downstream oil business Puma Energy charters DT Group owned bitumen vessels to supply Angobetumes terminals in the Angolan cities of Luanda and Lobito. Over 6,000 kilometres of road has been surfaced using bitumen supplied by Puma Energy.


Empresa Nacional de Ferro de Angola (Ferrangol) is an Angolan-based State entity focusing on mining, metals and steel manufacturing. Ferrangol is a partner in the AEMR joint venture with DT and Genius Mineira. 

Genius Mineira

Based in Luanda, Genius Mineira has mining operations in Cafulo, Angola. It is a partner in the AEMR joint venture along with DT and Ferrangol.


Trafigura subsidiary Impala owns and operates an international network of terminals that facilitate international trade. It provides logistics and commodity management services for the DT Group.


Odebrecht is a Brazilian conglomerate with interests in engineering, construction and petrochemicals.  It partners DT Agro and Grupo Valouro in a joint venture poultry project in Angola.

Puma Energy

Puma Energy is owned by Trafigura, Sonangol and a consortium of private investors. It is a global energy business focusing on midstream and downstream fuel distribution.


Pumangol is Puma Energy’s retail business in Angola. It manages midstream storage and a network of 24-hour service stations and convenience stores across the country.


Group Sonangol is the Angolan State-owned company responsible for the management of hydrocarbon resource exploration and production in Angola. It is a leader in the country’s continuing development and a key partner for DT Group. Sonangol owns 30% of Puma Energy. 


TransFuel is an Angolan wet and dry cargo transportation company, servicing Pumangol retail outlets and B2B customers across the country. DTS Servicos provides support services to the company.


Grupo Valouro is Europe’s largest poultry producer. It partners DT Agro and Oderbrecht in a joint venture poultry project in Angola.