Developing iron ore, manganese and steel industries


Angola enjoys abundant mineral wealth. As part of its strategy to diversify the economy away from its reliance on diamonds and oil revenues it is exploring the potential for new extractive industries and self-sufficiency in steel.

DT Group is playing a constructive role through its majority interest in Angola Exploration Mining Resources (AEMR). Its partners in this joint venture include the Angolan Government through Ferrangol, and local partner Genius Mineira. 

In 2013 the project was placed on stand-by to allow the Angolan Government to upgrade supporting infrastructure. AEMR continues to invest in studies and mining exploration. 

Its 500-strong exploration team has deployed 20 drill rigs, dug over 5,000 pits and drilled more than 70,000 metres. It has conducted an airborne geophysics survey and set up mobile laboratories for sampling. Exploration activity has identified substantial iron ore reserves in five main areas. 

Preparatory works have included demining 22 million square metres of land, resurfacing over 100 kilometres of roads, and building houses, office space and training facilities that can support mining operations in remote areas. 


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Genius Mineira